Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aircraft Tu-154B

The Tu-154 passenger jet is the middle range and is designed for use on routesextending from 500 to 4000km. Three power-efficient engine with low specific fuel consumption of a good power-to provide an aircraft and a large range.The complex flight and navigation equipment provides automatic flight and automatic approach for the two categories of ICAO. Endurance aircraft maintenance is achieved by using on board auxiliary power unit, which provides a self-startengines, air conditioning systems work in salons while parked and taxiing aircraft, testing of all systems on the ground without starting the main engines.Created in the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Tupolev.

Aircraft performance
3 persons
Cruising speed 
900 - 950 km/h
Height of up
12000 m.
Flight range
3250 km.
Required runway lenght
2200 m.
The maximum takeoff weight
96000 kg.
Maximum landing weight
78000 kg.
Maximum payload
18000 kg.
Maximum passengers
Maximum weight of fuel
39,7 tones

Power plant
The power plant consists of three turbojet bypass engines with thrust reversers(NK8-2U). Take-off thrust of one engine sostovlyaet 10 500 kg, fuel consumption is 6.2 tons hour. Start engines produced by the auxiliary power unit, which is locatedin the rear fuselage. The side engines reverse thrust with the device that reduces the length of the landing run.

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