Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aircraft Tu-2

Creating a TU-2 (front-line bomber) began in late 1939 the design team, headed by Tupolev. In January 1941 came to the test, prototype, designated "103". In May of that year began testing an improved version of its "103U", which contrasted with a strong defensive armament, changed the location of the crew, which consisted of pilot, navigator (in case of need could be the shooter), gunner-radio operator and gunner. The aircraft was equipped with high-altitude engines AM-37.At the trials aircraft "103" and "103U" showed outstanding performance. The speed at medium and high altitude, range, bomb load and defensive armament, they might significantly superior to the Pe-2. At altitudes of more than 6 miles they flew faster than almost all mass-produced fighter aircraft, both Soviet and German, second only to the domestic MiG-3. In July 1941 it was decided to launch "103U" in the series. However, in terms of the war and the evacuation of a large-scale enterprises to organize the production of aircraft engines AM-37 failed. Therefore, designers had to remake the aircraft to other motors. They were M-82 A.D.Shvedkova who have just started to be issued in series. Testing a new version of the aircraft, called "103V", then TU-2, began in December 1941, and in 1942 came down the assembly line the first production car. The plant has already produced 80 TU-2, when the government issued a decision on replacing it with a Yak-9. The fallacy of this decision became apparent very soon, and production of the Tu-2 resumed on another plant. The first bombers went there in 1943. From the previously released, they differed more powerful engines AL-82FN, enhanced defensive weapons (machine guns instead of 7.62 mm placed 12.7 mm), a simplified design. Planes of this type were used on the fronts since 1944.Production of this type of bombers continued a few years after the war, until they were replaced by jet bombers. A total of 2547 aircraft built.

Aircraft performance
1850 hp
Overall length
13,8 m
18,86 m
Normal take-off weight
10360 kg
The maximum takeoff weight
11360 kg
Maximum speed
at sea level
482 km/h
at an altitude 5400 m
547 km/h
Service ceiling
9500 m
Flight range with normal bomb load
2150 km
Normal bomb load
1000 kg
Maximum bomb load
3000 kg
two 20mm guns
3 machine gun 12.7 mm

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