Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aircraft Tu-104B

A passenger plane. Created in the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Tupolev. Year 1955.

In 1958, instead of the Tu-110 Tu-104B released to the kitchen in front of the cockpit and the fuselage lengthened by 100, and subsequently - to 115 passengers. For sohraneniyavzletno and landing characteristics at the level of the Tu-104 set the flaps extended area, similar to the TU-110. Increasing the number of passengers allowed to reduce the cost of air travel. Tu-104B series produced by 22-m factory.

In the first test flights, which took place in the CAF Research Institute with the assistance of K. Sapelkin pilot, revealed a number of shortcomings. The plane appeared to roll back reaction from the "give legs", stocks have fallen to the longitudinal and directional stability. At a speed of flight, corresponding to the number of M equal to 0, 82, appeared shaking and valezhka. A year later, on August 1, the pilot Kovalev found on the Tu-104B another world record, flying 1,000 km with a cargo of 15 tons with an average speed of 1015, 86 km / h A crew of 4 August Bight raised to a height of 12,799 meters cargo weighing 25 tons

Trying to improve the efficiency of the Tu-104, the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1958, commissioned the 22-th plant to produce five cars Tu-104V in the tourist version of the 116 seats in the supply of "Aeroflot" in the second quarter of 1959, and four - in the third and fourth quarters . But soon after the release of government documents, a series of accidents and flight incidents with the Tu-104, which, obviously, and gave rise to stop work on the Tu-104V.

Aircraft performance
The crew of five people
5 persons.
Cruising speed 
800 km/h
Range with maximum payload
2100 km.
Maximum range with a load of 6000 kg. 
3110 km.
The maximum takeoff weight
76000 kg.
Maximum payload 
12000 kg.
Number of passengers 
100 persons
Traction motors 
2*9700 kg.

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