Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aircraft Tu-22

Created in the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Tupolev. Year 1957.

Tu-22 (NATO: Blinder) - Soviet long-range supersonic bomber Tupolev design, intended to replace the Tu-16.

The Tu-22 was designed as a replacement for the Tu-16 bomber. Detailed design of TU-22 (the project "105") Tupolev beginning August 15, 1955, and by August 1957, construction was completed the first prototype of the airframe. By the summer of 1958 a prototype engines were installed and started static testing.June 21, 1958 the aircraft, "105" (crew test pilot T. Bight) made its first flight.

Since 1957, parallel with the development of the project "105", work began on the second prototype - "105A." In this machine supposed to significant changes in terms of aerodynamics (used in the design of the "rule space"). It is the prototype, and later became the TU-22.

Serial production of the Tu-22 was not until December 1969. There were produced 311 aircraft of this type (in versions Tu-Tu-22A, and 22B, the Tu-22R reconnaissance, missile carrier Tu-22K, jammer Tu-22P, and training aircraft Tu-22U, more than half of them were equipped with a barbell refueling system according to the "tube-cone" of the 3MS-2 aircraft and the Tu-16N and the designation was Tu-22RD, Tu-22KD, 22PD, and Tu-Tu-22UD, respectively).

Tu-22 was the most alert aircraft of the Soviet Air Force. Just broke up in 1975 about 70 vehicles (20% of the total built).

The last Tu-22 was retired Air Force and the Russian Navy in the 1990s.

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