Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aircraft Tu-154M

The Tu-154 is an extension of the well-known jet Tu-154V medium-range missiles.Due to improvements made ​​by the aerodynamic and installing more efficient engines D-30KU significantly improved characteristics of the aircraft in terms ofspecific fuel consumption. Created in the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Tupolev.

Aircraft performance
3 persons
Cruising speed 
950 km/h
Flight range
5200 km.
Maximum payload
18 tones
Length required for take-off and landing 
2500 m.
The maximum takeoff weight
100 tones
Maximum landing weight
80 tones
Maximum weight without fuel
74 tones
Maximum weight of fuel
39,75 tones
Maximum passengers
180-160 persons
Fuel consumption
5,4 tones an hour

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